“Thank you a million x’s over. I look forward to Friday so much because of my appointments with you.” T.B., (Indianapolis, IN)

“Just a shout out to the lovely Marianne!! If you have not treated yourself to her services- DO IT!- her products and technique left me glowing!” A.S. (Indianapolis, IN)

“The only hesitations I’ve had are just trying someone or someplace new, you never know what you’re going to get!  Of course she came highly recommended by Andy :).  I’ve noticed an increase in moisture of my skin in general, and also an improvement in finer lines especially around my eyes.  My facial w/ Marianne is one of the things I look most forward to each month.  It’s unlike any facial I’ve ever had, and she always tailors the products and treatments to how my skin is looking of feeling that day, and even around what plans I have for the rest of the day after the facial.  I always leave feeling so relaxed and rejuvenated… and glowing!!  I’ve also been impressed with the Eminence skin care line that she uses.  I would and have recommended Marianne’s services to my girlfriends!  My husband has also benefited greatly from acupuncture and other treatments Marianne offers, and we’ve recommended her to several of our friends for that as well.”  ~J.M. (Indianapolis, IN)

“Marianne gives the most amazing, and calming facials I’ve ever experienced.  Her facials are so relaxing, and I my skin has never looked so good.  I could feel the difference in my skin that day!  Even my dermatologist told me my skin looked amazing and asked what I was doing differently, after only two of Marianne’s facials.” –Lisa (Springfield, MO)

“As a woman who has always possessed a sense of vanity, I can tell you that when I started experiencing problematic skin, in my thirties, I was devastated.  I was unsure where to begin my journey in correcting what I had done to contribute to the unwelcome turn of events. I turned to Marianne for her support and expertise.  She enlightened me on many factors I, otherwise, may not have been tuned in to.  She then offered her time and became my esthetician/acupuncturist.  Her gentle ability to manipulate both the internal and external issues that were presented, put me at ease, as well as allowed me start thinking positively in the details of my prognosis.  I have seen dramatic improvements since beginning the herbs and continous visits to her office for facials and microdermabrasion.  She also has promoted an excellent organic skin care line that has become the only product I use.  Thank you, Marianne!”  –No Longer Devastated, 34 🙂 (Springfield, MO)

“Can I just say WOW!  The facial was the perfect gift for myself to relax and enjoy some personal pampering.  The facial massage was unforgettable.” -Amanda R., 34 (Springfield, MO)

“Thank you for the absolute BEST facial I’ve ever had!” -Christina N., 37 (Manhattan, NY)

“I was fortunate to meet Marianne while I was struggling with complexion issues. During my first session, Marianne was eager to share her knowledge on holistic treatments. She addressed my complexion and also delved into my diet and mental well-being.  She inspired me to pursue a more healthy, natural and balanced lifestyle. When I had difficulties with new good habits, she was there with encouragement and good humor.  While we don’t live in the same state, I still think about Marianne often, and just the thought of her motivates me to keep improving my overall well-being.” –Keely S., (Springfield, MO)


“I originally sought out acupuncture for my migraine headaches. My initial hesitations stemmed from the unknown along with the basic “is it going to hurt?” and of course, “will it help?” Since starting acupuncture, my migraines are nearly gone. I went from having at least one a week to maybe one a quarter and when I do have one, the intensity is so much less. I have a prescription for migraines and have not had to fill it in months. Also, in discussing my lifestyle with Marianne I have become much more aware of what I am putting into my body and what is going on in my life that might be a trigger, thereby allowing me to avoid certain foods and situations.  My time with Marianne is sacred. She is part acupuncturist, part therapist . She listens without judgment but does occasionally play devil’s advocate to assist your growth and understanding of your life.   I have recommended friends and all have had great success. I don’t want anyone to think that I am anti-Western medicine but think that type of care is best sought out after other therapies and modalities have been exhausted. The body has such self-healing abilities that acupuncture can help tap into. Our lives are so much more stressful now than they used to be and if nothing else, unplugging for an hour to jump start your health is well worth it to yourself and your family.”  ~Brenda, 48 (Indianapolis, IN)

“I am not big with needles, but knew that acupuncture could provide great benefits during my pregnancy.  Marianne put my mind at ease immediately and the needles never bothered me.  My pregnancy went great thanks to Marianne.  I wanted her help with my nausea during my first trimester, but I liked our sessions so much I continued to see her throughout my entire 9 months and shortly after birth.  Just the relaxing and de-stressing was crucial and I credit her acupuncture to an easier birth and pregnancy overall.  Marianne always makes you feel so relaxed and addresses all your concerns immediately.  Acupuncture is an amazing practice and you really feel like Marianne is an expert and can offer you remedies for whatever is ailing you.  I would definitely recommend acupuncture with Marianne to everyone but especially those looking to get pregnant or are recently expecting.  It was so great during my pregnancy and I now have a healthy, happy and beautiful baby boy.  Marianne is so kind and has the sweetest personality.  Your experience with her is sure to be relaxing and comfortable regardless of your needs.  I can’t say enough good things about her and her services.”  ~Lauren, 33 (Indianapolis, IN)

“I had no worries about the acupuncture but I have experienced sensitivity to changes in skin care before.  None of the products used have caused any adverse reaction. I always have a nice glow when I leave.  Since seeing Marianne,  I am calmer.  She always has new things to try and looks for ways to enhance my current efforts.  She also has a great way of putting me at ease.  I have been trying to get my friends and family to try acupuncture for a while. I usually have a card or 2 in my purse to recommend with.  At some point people open up to new therapies.” ~Tina, 44 (Indianapolis, IN)

“I had MANY hesitations about acupuncture because I simply hate the sight and feel of needles. Marianne used a certain type of needle that I couldn’t feel and helped me feel at ease with the appointment.   I suffered from many parts of anxiety. Worrying through the night, not able to leave work until everything was completely done, unable to just let go…after I went to just 2 appointments I noticed a huge difference in my overall stress levels. She also accompanied essential oils within her session that helped me throughout the day.  I have recommended Marianne to EVERYONE who complains about anything stress related or sleep related. Marianne is very thorough in each and every one of her sessions. I always receive a detailed email with information for me to further investigate so I can change my healthcare from the inside out.” ~Stevie, 30 (Indianapolis, IN)

“Marianne is a true gem in the world of healing practices. I leave my acupuncture sessions with her feeling renewed and relaxed with a restored sense of balance and peace. I have turned major corners in digestive health and managing anxiety since starting sessions with Marianne. I feel clearer mentally, and have a better connection with “listening” to my body and its different signals. The skin products Marianne uses are top of the line and have been great for my sensitive skin. I also love her essential oils as I was always skeptical of their benefits until going to Marianne! I recently moved out of the Indianapolis area, but will travel to see Marianne– no matter the distance!! 🙂 I would highly recommend her services to anyone– whether seeking any of the many (outstanding!) health benefits of acupuncture, facial or skin improvements, even general relaxation! Marianne’s “Zen Zone” as I call it–  is the picture of peace, the realm of relaxation and a true gift to your health!” ~Christen, 31 (Indianapolis, IN)

“Acupuncture with Marianne has changed my life. I suffer from asthma and frequent respiratory infections. Since I began seeing her 6 months ago, I feel like I can breathe! I am getting sick less often and have more energy to be active. I especially enjoy my appointments, it’s rare that I make enough time for myself to reflect and relax!” ~Maureen, 31 (Indianapolis, IN)

“I started seeing Marianne and tried acupuncture for the first time to help cope with my anxiety, which has helped tremendously.  Marianne provides an environment that is calm, reflective and relaxing.  Since I’ve been seeing Marianne I’ve learned how to work through situations, which has resulted in an overall healthier mental and physical individual.  Marianne’s offerings have become a way of live for me and my family.  She’s taught me how important it is to take care of yourself and prioritize what’s important.  Acupuncture through Marianne has been a direct result for this success.  I would recommend Marianne to anyone!  It’s something I look forward to every month.  Marianne’s personality, her room and vibrating table is one of the most soothing experiences I’ve ever encountered.  We also send our 8 year old little girl to spend time with Marianne.  Our child spent a little over 12 days at Riley Children’s Hospital and when she was released, she suffered from anxiety.  I brought her in to see Marianne for 30 mins. and it has been the best therapy for her.  It was an amazing transformation and it’s something she looks forward to as well.  For anyone contemplating or toying with the decision to get acupuncture or see Marianne for any reason, stop hesitating and book the appointment!” ~Chad, 41  (Indianapolis, IN)

“I have been working with Marianne for about two and a half years and she has improved my daily life immensely, providing treatment for emotional, mental, and physical ailments I’ve experienced during the course of our treatment. She intuitively knows my body now and can immediately identify the ways stress and daily life have impacted my health. Her knowledge of the imbalances in my body have helped me discover additional courses of medical treatment when I was unsure of the right direction and action.  Treatments with Marianne are the most relaxing time I have as a busy working mother and she always treats me with loving and nurturing care. Marianne is both exceptionally professional and tuned into her clients care needs and preferences. She has healed my daily, chronic pain and helped me understand how to best care for myself in between treatments. I have recommended Marianne to many friends and they too have adored working with her. My life has infinitely improved since beginning treatment with Marianne and I can’t imagine my life without her light in it!” ~Katie, 38 (Indianapolis, IN)

“I have had the habit and good fortune of being able to offer patronage to some of the finest spas and estheticians across the United States, and hands down, truly without a close second, the most loving, kind, talented and gentle hands belong to Marianne Talkovski. I saw her for a long 3-4 month period as I was going through a challenging health situation, and I know for certain her therapies, suggestions and loving hands helped bring my health and vitality back to normal, she always had a great recipe, a suggestion, a potion or simply a kind word of encouragement. She is a true healer.” ~Tonya, 55 (Indianapolis, IN)

Excellent customer service, wait time, quality.  “I appreciate the sharing of information and treatment of how to continue to improve physically and mentally. My overall experience continues to be GR8. Marianne is awesome. N8~” N.R. (Indianapolis, IN)

“I always enjoy my experience with Marianne. I call it my let go sessions. Very relaxing.” -R.L. (Indianapolis, IN)

“Incredibly knowledgeable, very comfortable and relaxing environment!” -N.C. (Indianapolis, IN)

Excellent wait time, customer service, and quality.  “The cream you applied to my legs got warm and tingly as I left! Felt good.  The entire experience is so healing to my body and especially to my heart. Always feel better after being with Marianne!  Thank you Thank you –S.G. (Indianapolis, IN)

“I initially went to Marianne to treat a lower back issue I had been battling for years. From my first visit she was very comprehensive in getting to the root cause of the problem, and then prescribing an acupuncture regimen over a period of time for treatment. If you would have told me that this would be possible before visiting her, I would have not believed you, as quite possibly the next step was surgery, which I was trying to avoid at all costs. Marianne’s holistic approach, plus her outstanding bedside manner were a godsend, as I am now living a pain free life, which I would not believed possible.”–Chris L (Springfield, MO)

“Marianne Talkovski is a gifted practitioner who is as talented of a listener as she is a teacher and acupuncturist. Visiting her practice was my first experience with acupuncture, and I did not know what to expect. I felt immediately at ease. My goals were to help reduce symptoms from endometriosis and to prepare my body for pregnancy.  Regular treatments helped to reduce pain, swelling and completely regulated my cycle. Marianne also took time to make recommendations for dietary and exercise changes that would help me achieve my goals. Her practice has an wonderful energy that helps you relax while also lifting your spirit with each visit. I highly recommend Marianne!” -Tanja K (Springfield, MO)

“When Marianne told me she was leaving Springfield, I was incredibly disappointed.  Not only is she a gifted practitioner, she can present solutions to a variety of problems because she has educated herself at every opportunity.  We keep in contact through social media so I still benefit from her advice, but I miss her touch.  I started going to Marianne for facial rejuvenation acupuncture to minimize my wrinkles, which it did, but I kept going because of how incredibly relaxed I felt during the treatment.  I know this sounds crazy, but I moved into a deeper state of tranquility with each needle she put into my skin.  Yes, I miss her touch.  Indianapolis is lucky to have her.” -Brent Susan P (Springfield, MO)

“Marianne Talkovski is an exceptional Chinese medicine practitioner. She has great compassion for her patients and continually strives to aid them on their journey to whole health. She is particularly adept at creating a well rounded treatment plan using acupuncture, herbs and nutrition in a caring and positive manner. I have had treatment from Marianne as well as worked with her on various challenging cases. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a thoughtful, knowledgeable and caring Chinese medicine practitioner.” -Daryl T. (Manhattan, NY)

“My beginning experience with acupuncture was with Marianne, I had other treatments with other acupuncturists and they were wonderful but I didnt have my healing experience until Marianne began treating me. I had an array of issues and due to my frequent visits with Marianne my recoveries were astounding! I developed a deeper level of meditation during treatments, my ailments ceased and overall she is a lovely, gentle, sincere and genuine person with a true gift of healing” -Donna Marie Murphy (Manhattan, NY)

“Thank you for your excellent treatment and attention.  You always found the exact spot that needed to be balanced.  My troublesome sciatica responded immediately to your treatment.  You are a gifted practitioners with seeing hand.  I highly recommend you, to everyone seeking acupuncture treatments.” -Viola F., 62 (Manhattan, NY)

“I was a little nervous about receiving acupuncture treatments.  Marianne made me feel at ease with my situation.  The treatment I received was very beneficial and I really enjoyed the process.” -Amanda R., 34 (Springfield, MO)

“After months of pain and medications, I was diagnosed with arthritis of the lower lumbar.  My doctor told me he could do nothing more and sent me to a physical therapist.  After one session, he gave me home exercises and said nothing more can be done.  I was referred, by a relative, to Marianne for acupuncture therapy.  this would be my last resort.  After 8 sessions, I was without pain, off all medications and resuming most daily activities.  Marianne has taught me to care for my body both physically and mentally and has given me the freedom to enjoy life again.”  –Gene L., 86 (Springfield, MO)

“It is wonderful working with Marianne, she is a caring and gifted practitioner.  She works with you closely to really facilitate healing on every level of your being, I have re-gained so much vitality and health since I have been working with Marianne, it is truly a partnership of healing.” -Namaste, Darla M.  (Springfield, MO)

“Thanks for spending extra time with me and helping improve my overall wellness.”  -Laura P., 42 (Springfield, MO)

“Marianne is in her element and doing what she was meant to do. I always feel energized and renewed after a visit with Marianne. Amazing! ” -Mandy V. (Springfield, MO)

“I came to Marianne for help with my anxiety, panic and nicotine cravings. At the start, not only did I have an intense fear of needles, I also had fear of most things in general!  While receiving acupuncture, I could listen to my body, breathe and become very relaxed. I always left feeling calm, focused and more in touch with myself. Not only did the acupuncture make me feel great, but Marianne also provided me with tools and coping mechanisms necessary to channel that state of mind during every day life and stressful situations.” –Abby W., 22 (Springfield, MO)

“I began going to Marianne for Arthritis pain and Depression. I was so impressed with her professionalism and knowledge that I just had to tell everyone about her. Soon family members and friends were also going to her. Marianne made the treatment comfortable and so relaxing. I took my 16 year old daughter to her for intense menstrual cramps and mood issues. After that she would say,” Call Marianne!” whenever she was feeling bad. I noticed a marked difference in my pain and mobility within a few treatments. After a few months of treatments Marianne commented that I hadn’t had the emotional crying when she was doing the pre-treatment consultations anymore. I said, “Wow, your’e right!” Also, I was impressed with her concern with any issue I brought to her. She would spend additional time reading and researching herbal formulas that would help. My only complaint is that she moved very far from me. Indiana … You are fortunate to have her!” -Marie R. (Springfield, MO)


“Having worked with Marianne in several capacities I’ve been impressed with her intuitive intelligence as a student, teacher, therapist and colleague.  Marianne was an excellent student with understanding of some of the most challenging material in our yoga school. She proved to be a fine yoga teacher deftly leading groups safely and skillfully through well constructed classes.  As a therapist she is compassionate and extremely knowledgeable with very fine results. She has taught a component in our Yoga teacher training, which has proven to be one of the favorites we offer. Marianne seems to have the rare skill of adaptability, it serves her well.” -Beth S.  (Springfield, MO)

“Marianne Talkovski not only shares her wisdom in the healing arts but lives it, which remains evident in her radiant glow.  She has helped to deepen my yoga practice with her ever expansive knowledge of Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic practices.  Through her workshops I have learned to integrate the elemental principles of Eastern philosophy into my asana practice…to purify, balance, transform and connect on the yoga mat has offered me yet another opportunity to infuse the lessons learned away with me as I approach this fast and changing world we live in.  With all my heart, I give thanks to you, Marianne.”  -Natalie G. (Springfield, MO)

“Marianne Talkovski is a fantastic aspiring Yoga teacher.  Every class she teaches is thoughtfully designed around a main theme.  She invites and invocates a presence for each student to be their very best.  Each time I attend a class or workshop taught by Marianne I know that it will be a total experience.  The postures, music, and her words are choreographed together forming a perfect sequence.  This Yoga instructor loves her students and takes the time to educate and prepare herself for each session.  I love the way Marianne entwines her knowledge and experience as a licensed Acupuncturist, Esthetician and Herbalist into each class.   If you love a Yin Yoga class I highly recommend attending one taught by Marianne.  She has a special gift of incorporating her studies of Chinese Medicine to help deepen the Yin practice.  Marianne is a perfect balance of what I look for in a Yoga teacher.  She has a powerful, yet gentle and genuine authentic presence.”   Jai, Karen Mende, Owner, Sun Stone Yoga Studio

“As Yoga studio owners and long time yoga practitioners we get to attend a lot of workshops and classes presented by a variety of teachers. By and large most of these are worthwhile experiences. Occasionally we are blessed with a truly outstanding experience.  Marianne Talkovski truly creates that wow impact in her workshops.  She brings a depth of knowledge in Eastern medicine blended with her yogic experiences that allows attendees to be fully engaged in her presentation. She always draws a nice crowd to the programs we have attended and hosted, and attendees ask for us to bring her back for future engagements.  We would strongly recommend Marianne Talkovski to any group seeking a fun, engaging and knowledgeable presentation from a true Yogi.” -Steve Eiffert,Owner, Sun Stone Yoga Studio

“I have so enjoyed every one of your yoga classes.  Your classes are so much more than just doing yoga.  What a gift you have – thank you for sharing it with us!”  -Jill C.  (Springfield, MO)

“I enjoyed the beautiful energy you brought to the workshop.  Thank you so much for teaching us about 5 Elements and Yin Yoga.”  -Melissa (Springfield, MO)

“You have influenced my life in so many ways.  My teaching style, to the way I live my life, to the way I eat have all been influenced by you.  You are such an open honest and caring person.”  -Dan M.  (Springfield, MO)

“I was a definite Newbie in Yoga class but it didn’t seem to matter.  I was able to keep up and follow Marianne’s instructions with confidence.  Thanks for helping me reshape myself and my body.”  -Amanda R., 34 (Springfield, MO)